Sliding Window & Door

Sliding is a complete and economical system for  high or mid-rise Buildings. Mono, Double  Triple or four rail frames with possibility of multiple shutters. In addition Sliding has a Bug Screen Track for Double Rail in-built as a single profile or a clip on solution for the Mono, Triple or four Rail frames. Sliding system makes possibility of providing secure locking systems such as  Touch Lock or Multipoint Lock options.

Sliding Door, Effortlessly smooth-sliding and beautiful, our impressive sliding doors create a vast amount of unimaginable space(opening width upto 6metre) and an inviting contemporary character. Aluminium Interlock solutions enables the Door Sash to boost up for High-Rise Buildings. An additional 80mm Door Sash completes the system for real High Rise or Strong cyclonic Wind conditions.

The sash profiles come with pre-inserted TPE Gaskets and Weather Strips and sliding doors are installed with  heavy duty ball-bearing roller provides smooth running and easy operation

Sliding systemprovides option of flyscreen. Sliding flyscreen system absolutely prevents the entry of flies and insects with double brush application in compliance with the production details.

Opening options Mono, Double, Triple Rail Frames with additional bug screen track. Multiple opening options
Gasket TPE Gray/ Black
Glass 4mm, 20mm, 24mm
Class 4mm, 20mm, 24mm

Available in White and many Laminatedcolours. Solex Lamination has been tested for various weather conditions and practically been in use in Indian conditions since 2006. We currently offer 3 Wood Finish colours – NutTree, Golden Oak and Black Cheery & 3 Solid Colours – Ash Black, Grey Aluminium and Anthracite Grey.