These modern innovative doors allow exceptionally large openings, opening up your space to let the outdoors in. … These doors have multiple panels (between 3 and 10 panels depending on the entire width of the opening) which fold upon one another when opened, all stacking away neatly and compactly. Once the door folded back, they create a large opening for easy access.

Bi-fold door system offers smooth, simple functionality with a bottom and top rail concept mechanism, you can use Bi-fold door to create a glass wall upto an impressive 6m wide.


Single SASH Width (mm) max. 900mm
Single SASH Height (mm) max. 2200mm
Overall frame width(mm) determined by sash width & selected scheme

Available in White and many Laminatedcolours. Solex Lamination has been tested for various weather conditions and practically been in use in Indian conditions since 2006. We currently offer 3 Wood Finish colours – NutTree, Golden Oak and Black Cheery & 3 Solid Colours – Ash Black, Grey Aluminium and Anthracite Grey.